Avocados (5 ct.)

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  • Rich and buttery with a sweet, nutty flavor
  • Perfect for guacamole, salads and burgers
  • Meets and exceeds U.S. Grade #1
  • Suitable for various diets and lifestyles



These avocados (5 ct.) have a superb texture, flavor nutritional value and versatility in cooking. More than just a fad food, avocados are adored by people across the world for their decadent flavor and seamless blending into various recipes.

Are Avocados Healthy?

The avocado is beloved for its high nutrient value, creamy texture and undeniably unique flavor. Creamy and rich, the avocado is a multi-use stone fruit with a savory, one-of-a-kind taste that pairs well with so many meals, whether it's the star or the accompaniment. Full of nutrients and healthy fats, this all-natural, good-for-you fruit can be sliced up on a sandwich or salad, or smashed into guacamole alongside tacos or tortilla chips. Better yet, grab a spoon, add a sprinkle of pepper and salt, and enjoy this tasty fruit all by itself.

What Is the Best Guacamole Recipe?

If you've never made your own guacamole at home, it may seem intimidating. Have no fear—here's a quick and simple guacamole recipe using avocados that anyone can pull off. For a big batch of guacamole, mash together six avocados, two limes worth of juice, one diced white onion and two tsp. of salt. Then, stir in six tablespoons of cilantro, four diced plum tomatoes and two teapoons of finely minced garlic. Finally, stir in a few pinches of cayenne pepper, depending on how much your guests enjoy spice, and refrigerate for an hour before serving.

Handy Avocado Tips

Avocado fruits are one of those ingredients you must be extra careful while slicing. Here are our tips when dealing with choosing, prepping and cutting avocados:

  • If an avocado feels soft when you squeeze with gentle pressure, it's ready to be consumed. Some people go by color (a dark avocado skin may mean it's ripe) but feeling it is always better than simply looking at it.
  • Another way to tell if an avocado fruit is ripe is to peel back the knobby stem. If the stem is easily removed and you see green underneath, you've got a ripe avocado that's ripe and ready to eat. If you see brown, unfortunately, that avocado is past its prime.
  • If you want to eat avocados soon but they're not yet ripe, there are a few tricks you can due to speed along the process. Place your avocados in a brown paper bag with bananas or apples. These fruits let off ethylene gas, which causes all of the fruits to ripen faster together. The brown bag captures the gases to speed up ripening.