Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor Blade Refills, (16 ct.)

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The Gillette Fusion5 men's razor blade refills feature 5 antifriction blades so you can get a 5 blade closeness at an affordable price. These blade refills for men are spaced closely together for incredible comfort lasting you up to 20 new-blade-feeling shaves per blade refill. The precision trimmer on the back of the razor is great for tricky spots and clean edges. This trimmer makes getting your hard to reach places easier and is great for styling your facial hair just the way you want it. 

The soft microfin guard gently stretches and smooth your skin to prepare the hairs for a close shave from our thinnest blades (first 4 blades) while the Lubrastrip helps the blades glide over your skin more easily. A Lubrastrip is a thin strip that sits at the top of the razor, releasing cushioning lubricants while you shave, to produce a great glide. When you are no longer getting an optimal shave, the Lubrastrip fades to white, indicating that it might be time to change the blade. All Fusion5 razor blade refills fit all Gillette 5-bladed razor handles (excluding Gillette Labs). This pack includes 16 Fusion5 razor blade refills. Try Fusion5 for a smooth, long-lasting shave.