Irish Spring Body Wash With Pump, Original Scent, Green (32 oz., 2 pk.)

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Irish Spring® Body Wash Original with Pump (32 oz., 2 pack) is the classic body wash for men. It's a favorite for those who like classic aromas and a body wash format. Shower like a true Irishman and get fresh and clean with Irish Spring Original Body Wash. Irish Spring Original Body Wash is formulated with the same fantastic scent and cleaning power as their popular bar soaps, plus Odor Neutralization technology that keeps you fresh and hydrated for up to 18 hours.

About Irish Spring

For decades, Irish Spring Soap has been a staple in homes, providing men with the classic clean feel they love. It's a pioneer in the bar soap field and used by men of all ages and lifestyles. Irish Spring body wash is owned by the Colgate-Palmolive Company, a brand that's roots sprouted in New York City more than 200 years ago.

About Irish Spring Body Wash 

This pack of Irish Spring Body Wash contains two 32 oz. bottles with pumps. It features a fresh scent and rich lathering formula that will leave you cleans as a whistle. Also, its odor neutralization technology keeps you fresh for 24 hours.

Who Loves Irish Spring Soap?

Any man who loves feeling incredibly clean and fresh will love it. Did we mention your significant other is gonna love how you smell after using this Irish Spring? Its smell is both masculine and fresh, making it as enticing to the user as it is to anyone in their path.