Member's Mark Commercial Blended Mop Combo

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About this item

  • Quick change handle
  • #24 looped-end blended mop
  • Mop grip teeth
  • Easy open side gate


The Member's Mark™ Commercial Blended Mop Combo includes one blended mop and one quick-change handle. It is easy to use and simplifies high-volume cleaning. It is great for use in all types of business settings including restaurants, convenience stores, offices, industrial and medical facilities.

Professional Grade Construction

  • Blended Mop Head - This launderable mop head is a dynamic premium blend of synthetic and cotton fibers. The blend provides a great balance of strong absorbency and fast release of cleaning solutions. This balance increases productivity by reducing drying times, providing quicker wringing action and increasing the efficiency of mopping. Durable looped ends increase the lifespan of the mop by preventing fraying, linting and unraveling of the yarn. The tailband provides wide floor coverage, increasing productivity while reducing labor.
  • Quick-Change Handle – This versatile handle fits a variety of mop sizes and features an easy-to-open side gate for quickly replacing mop heads, saving valuable time and labor.
  • Thumbwheel – The smooth-roll thumbwheel easily adjusts the tension applied to the mop head by the gripping teeth. Adjusting the thumbwheel clockwise increases tension and secures the mop head. Adjusting counterclockwise lowers the tension, releasing the mop for removal.

Expert Usage Tip – Securing Mop Head to Handle

  • Once a dry mop head is attached to a quick-change handle, wetting the mop head initially compresses the fibers, which in turn can decrease tension and security on the mop head.
  • To achieve maximum grip on mop, prior to use dip attached mop head into bucket solution and thoroughly wring out excess solution.
  • With the handle end on the floor and the mop clamped in position at the top, rotate thumbwheel clockwise as far as possible, applying maximum tension to mop head. This tension allows the mop teeth to “bite” into the mop head, securing it to the handle.
  • Periodically check the tension and adjust as needed to ensure optimal mop head security and performance.
  • Side Gate – The side gate provides convenient access for replacing the mop head. Open the side gate by simply turning the thumbwheel counterclockwise to release tension. Next, while gently applying pressure to top of quick-change head, pull open the side gate.
  • Gripping Teeth – These teeth “bite” into the mop headband as tension is applied, securing the mop to the handle and preventing the mop head from slipping during use.
  • Wood Handle – The sturdy pine wood handle provides durability to withstand extended use in demanding commercial and industrial environments.