Member's Mark Commercial Wide Mouth 360˚ Spray Bottle (6 pk.)

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About this item

  • Graduated bottles with dilution scales
  • Fully adjustable 360° sprayer
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Wide mouth openings for easy filling
  • Five 32 oz. plastic spray bottles and one 32 oz. foaming spray bottle


The Member's Mark™ Commercial Wide Mouth 360-Degree Spray Bottle (6 pk.) dispenses water, chemicals and cleaning solutions with ease. Each bottle features a wide mouth for easy filling and a convenient graduation and dilution scale for accurate mixing. This product can spray upside down and the trigger has a comfortable three-finger grip. Use the nozzle to select one of several streams or spray settings, or use the foaming spray bottle included in the pack.

Why Use a 360-Degree Spray Bottle?

A 360-degree spray bottle offers more mist with less work. While regular spray bottles often offer a hard, straight stream that splashes and makes a mess, this Member's Mark Commercial Wide Mouth 360-Degree Spray Bottle offers a selection of settings so you can use what works for the job at hand. Great for hairstylists, custodians or home cleaning.

Why Buy Empty Spray Bottles?

Having a supply of empty spray bottles is extremely useful for many reasons. The Member's Mark Commercial Wide Mouth 360-Degree Spray Bottle is ideal for home or business use. Instead of filling a whole bucket or sink with a mopping solution for one small room, you can pre-mix it to your desired level in a spray bottle to keep on hand, which also helps you use less water. Keep one filled with vinegar water for naturally washing mirrors, glass and windows. Fill one with bleach water for disinfecting surfaces. Those searching to make their own natural home cleaning blends will find these particularly useful due to the large size and the graduation and dilution scale.

What's a Chemical-Resistant Bottle For?

Chemical-resistant bottles are plastic spray bottles specifically designed to hold harsh or corrosive chemicals that may break down other plastics, causing leaks and holes in the bottle, which can lead to harmful chemicals getting on you and other objects where they can cause damage.